Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Check the Label

Finally uploaded my animation on Youtube! Originally it was going to be a 12 second project, but ended up 1 minute and 40 seconds.

The film is playing on a plasma at my thesis art show and at the Starz Film Center.
I entered it in our school competition "Digital Visions" and won Best Animation! :D


E.A. said...

I will leave another comment after I have viewed this a few more times, Melon!


Otherwise said...

Oh hai! I'm in the Character Animation class entering this fall as well 8D I'm Sabrina-- um.... I guess I have to stalk you now, is proper etiquette. :x Do you has a deviantart, or something of the like?

Cartoon Blogger said...

That was pretty great....keep them coming.

E.A. said...

Gotta love cartoon blogger. "Keep them coming!" Like you can just pull an Ub Iwerks and crank 'em out one a day, UPA-style. I don't think so. Just that one short must have been a kind of hell reserved for the most serious sinners.

I am typing on my newest laptop, and it makes me want to write again. Thanks to this, I can.

Oh, and to answer your other question--one you asked last month--no, I am not a paid employee of the Animation Archive, nor can I afford to be due to the amount of time I have, which is still next to none. But, from time to time I contribute articles to the site (and I expect my work for them to increase thanks to the wonders this laptop has done for my productivity).

You can see my blog for more information. If you have the TIME, I mean! :)