Friday, March 03, 2006

Guinea Pig Randomness

Here are some random guinea pig fun that is odd and may cause cuteness seizures:

Nick Jr. has a new show starring a guinea pig. Very annoying singing show, but the guinea pig is quite cute.

In the UK, they have created a robot guinea pig that recharges from the remote carrot you give it. It has it's own hut and interacts with other robots. Guspi.....the robot of the future

Sooty the guinea pig who is defined as the pimp of all guinea pigs. Xiao Bao...thankfully hasn't learned his skills yet.
Read more here:

And the icing on the cake from "Cute Overload"

The cuteness....the cuteness


Bemmie said...

Guinea Pigs. . . so cute, yet so horny.

Enoch Allen said...

Agreed. *chuckle*

This reminds me of a Pinky and the Brain short.

Keith the bunny protector said...

How's the little rodent doin'? Didn't you guys build him a larger pen? I'm sure in a year or two he'll get his own room in the presidential suite and he'll loud around watching animal planet while you serve him mai tais.

Melon which rhymes with said...

so horny....they should make it a Playboy Guinea instead of a bunny.

Yes Xiao Bao has a huge pen now with chewable tubes.

hehe I gave the person I was worried about a cheery card with a picture of Xiao Bao in it. Cheered him right up ^^ Xiao Bao the magical cure!

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. The doctors are giving him the run-around so no diagnosis yet.