Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oscar 2006 Quickie

I was at work and only got to see the last half. Wallace and Gromit and John Canemaker winning was no surprise to me. I wish Corpse Bride could have won something. After watching it a second time, I realized I enjoyed it a lot more than W&G (gasp). I was fortunate enough to see all of the short animated nominees (thanks to Starz Film Center.) My family loved the gothic Jasper Morello while I thought it was a bit slow at the beginning. I did like the Moon and the Son a lot better than last year's winner Ryan, but too long. Alas, my favorite was the one that wasn't nominated Fan and the Flower by Bill Plympton. I swear someday they better give this man an Oscar. Badgered and One Man Band was cute and enjoyable. 9 was okay, but really this shouldn't have been nominated.

hehe everybody in Taiwan cheered when Ang Lee won the Oscar. The whole news the next day was just about him winning. Poor guy. They interviewed his school teachers and they brought in the..... grade book lol. He was an average student while they thought his brother was going to be famous.

Crash winning wasn't too surprising since the day before Ebert predicted Crash would win.

Thank goodness they got rid of presenting the awards in the crowd and bringing them on stage for the minor awards. That was such a bad idea last year. I was also glad the recipients can now see how much time they have for their speech and that they cut off anybody.

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Enoch Allen said...

Well, Robert Altman didn’t get cut off. :-)

As for Bill Plympton, he’s gonna get shafted. Hard. Scorsese is a much more prominent historical and public figure (apparently), and yet AMPAS is doing the “lifetime achievement” dance with him as well.

Crash was mentioned as the dark horse since it received the nominations. Even after Ebert said it would get it, I personally still had a hard time believing that Haggis was gonna get the chance to kiss the Best Pic Oscar. Ah well. Know what would have been even wackier? If Capote had won it! That would have been hilarious, as Capote can only brag about being a well-made film made relevant by a CNN report.

Everybody seems to be taking a huge dump on Jon Stewart. I thought he was funny in many areas. He just. . .oh, I don’t know, faltered in some areas. Still, I want to cut him a break. It was his first time, and the auditorium was filled with intimidating presences.

Can’t wait until your next post, Melon!