Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sleep Sleep

I've been so busy lately that I think my brain is about to melt.

Finished the rough sketch of Free Comic Book Day thing. It's four pages= $100 :( The sad thing is it's not my best work. The hard part is it's about 30 pages after of what is online right now. I want to get the in-between pages online before Free Comic Book Day. Otherwise people will get an unintentional spoiler. I'm very tempted to trash the whole idea and just create a little skit for the freebie. Well, I have until Monday.....

I'm very tempted to buy the debut pack from this software.

It seems to be great for creating manga, but I'm still thinking of diverging from that style. I really should just stick to traditional materials. I bought some Ph Dr. Martin's ink to try and start learning to paint in the character in oh mighty color. I'll tell you how it turns out.

Yay! During Spring Break, I'm going to California to visit my relatives and finally see CalArts. I'm really nervous because my work is nowhere near their caliber. Plus, the tuition can make babies cry.


Enoch Allen said...

This is terrific news. You’ll enjoy the nice California sunshine.

You should watch out for the forty-foot tall bats, though. Some of them are my best friends, but when there’s a disagreement, only one side of the fight’s gonna be walkin’ with all limbs attached.

Seriously, someone should try to make a good move about mutated bats in California someday.

I read the same thing on Jeff’s site (about the manga software), and while it isn’t a bad investment I have to say that you are right in wanting to diverge from the manga style. It’s easy to do, that’s why so many artists are doing it. Some do it well; others, well, let’s just say that others merely want to draw it well. I think nurturing your own signature line curves and thickness and detail will bring you one step closer to greatness.

Congratulations with finishing the Free Comic Book Day project! Hey, if you feel it’s crap, that’s okay. Though, maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this—it’s good for artists to want to be perfectionists! D’oh! What the hell am I saying? I should just stick to painting Jay Leno smileys on my ass or something. You know, those smileys on forums. . .

Bemmie said...

I think I'll be catching you about a week before you leave for the Cali break. . . Which is cool.

Melon which rhymes with said...

Yeah, right now I'm having complications with the trip. My work is not letting me off this week. I hear the word "quitting" in the near future.