Tuesday, February 14, 2006

2-D animation at Disney?!?

Okay quick post. I hope this is true.


This is a dream come true. I might have a job after all lol.

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Enoch Allen said...

I’m not gonna say I told you so, because many others in the animation community were saying the exact same thing long before I found the words to express my feeling on the issue.

And, look at it this way—Disney probably isn’t going to be the only house doing this. Warner Bros. is gonna get that purple look in their eye, + New Line, 20th Century Fox, Nelvana, Universal, DEJ—I see a shitload of opportunities for you! So don’t give up! You too will soon be hired to draw on 230,000 cel sheets! (Or, draw the outlines and finish the rest in Illustrator. It’s your call.)

Plus, you’re listed as a creator on the Squidworks site! People said stop-motion was extinct; now, two/three Oscar nominees in the Animated Film category are primarily stop-motion!

Go Melon!