Thursday, January 12, 2006


2006 is not starting out good. Panic attack and a cold just sucks. Figures, it is still the year of the Rooster.

So I'm going to just start talking for no reason lol.

Cartoon Network is really becoming a let down. I thought Genndy was crazy for leaving, but he jumped ship before it exploded.

Anime fans are so fickle. I think Turner Classic Movies is doing a superb job in presenting the Miyazaki and Takahata movies. They're showing it in English and Japanese. What more can you ask? They are even showing "Only Yesterday" and "Whisper of the Heart" which isn't available on dvd yet. Also TCM isn't straying from their roots...they still show great cinema.

Bill Plympton is just too cool.

I finally saw Narnia, and I thought it was better than the book. It gave more depth and that turkish delight looked tasty.

Why can't I finish Prince of Persia 2? Gah!

I'm having a creative slump with my comic. I have pages done, but it doesn't look right to me. I feel like I'm trying to rush the story just to get to the important part. So it might be a while before another comic comes up.

Back to college on Tuesday and I'm tired already lol.

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Enoch Allen said...

Man, have I been away for a while or what?

Yeah. Exhaustion’s chronic these days, isn’t it?

Sick again! Maybe it’s time for you to eat more melons. . .Melon.

What TCM’s doing is excellent. They are doing what Cartoon Network should have done long ago. . .actually what Cartoon Network did long ago wasn’t half-bad, but there was room for improvement. Today, their whole damn lot needs to be renovated. TCM has set a standard for excellence in programming few may ever pray to meet. I had this joke once. . .TCM is the kind of channel that the National Registry would be if they ever got around to getting the ball rolling on starting their own channel. It’s too bad that a channel that not everyone gets is saddled with the duty of pimping true art at hours that are most inconvenient for your garden-variety busy movie-lover.

Your writing is just becoming marvelous. I can actually see what you’re saying! Maybe Xiao Bao has been giving you English Lit. lessons, of the most boring kind. Oh, would I kill to have a guinea pig as a teacher. Wouldn’t it be nice. I’d be the class klown, and Xiao would get so frustrated with me that. . .da. . .dum. . .he’d be inclined to join me! Teacher, being as much of an ass as his student. Not seen since Sam Jackson pulled off a 187.

Sorry, getting back on track. Rambling is teh shit, kids!

Took a short break from my mile-a-minute life to watch Black Dawn recently. Another straight-to-DVD, sold-at-Wal-Mart actioner. It’s a Steven Seagal film. And it’s the sequel to one of the worst action films ever made, The Foreigner. And, it’s awful. So awful, I paused the “film” on my computer, took a two-hour nap, woke up with that sour taste in my mouth, resumed watching the film and still felt like my time would be better spent watching hummingbird and zebra porn. So awful, that even a naked chick running through the frame twenty minutes before the film ended didn’t save it from being another one of those “worst evar” actioners. So, yeah.

Anyway, Bill Plympton is gangsta! He is the shit who never pumps out shit! He draws shit better than anyone I have ever seen! He makes shit look interesting!

I’ll tell you why you can’t finish Prince of Persia 2. Because it blows! ;) Just kidding.

Obey Captain Procrastinator and finish the comic when you feel like it! Do like he says! The Rock says the same thing too! Do you know what the hell the Rock is cooking? Well, me neither, for that matter.

Take it easy!