Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Topic of the week:Pixar

If any of you are animation buffs, this week Disney might negotiate with Pixar again....

I have an uneasy feeling about this deal. Sure I'm glad Pixar will finally have a distribution company again, and Toy Story 3 may be stopped...thank god. This might means for sure Miyazaki films will be released in the US.

I'm worried Pixar will lose it's uniqueness. Lasseter might head both CG animation departments (I have no idea how that would work out.) Oh and the possibility Pixar may do 2-D animation is pretty slim.

I can't figure out who is groveling to whom. Disney needs Pixar and vice versa. So there is no way in the next 10 years they're going to open up a 2-D studio again. It's too costly and well they have to figure out the two CG studio problem. Plus, I have a feeling the American public doesn't care about 2-D anymore. They just want high-tech graphics. I only get this feeling because of how the public ignored Iron Giant.

Unless Curious George starts a renaissance of new traditional animated films or someone else does, I doubt 2-D will be back. So John Lasseter and Steve Jobs....the state of animation are in your hands.

Phew, now I feel better about spilling my guts on that topic :p
College has been fine. The reading material is interesting this semester, but it is just too much!
The highlight of my week was my Painting Class with Stefan! He actually showed us his mixing technique. Pretty amazing stuff. The mixture of colors are undefinable but do define a feeling or setting. hehe I feel bad he's telling us most of his secrets since he discovered it for himself.
You can check out his paintings here:

He does most of it through palette knife and some brush work. I feel exhilarated to start painting again.

Oh and I have decided to pay the Free Comic Book Day offer. I think I will go for 3 pages. I can't afford any higher lol. It will be a recap/sidestory just so new readers won't get confused. Maybe I'll hide my little guinea in the comic just for good luck lol.

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Enoch Allen said...

Jeff Harris over at Thoughtnami will mine many intelligent articles out of this one.

Basically, I think Steve Jobs is now the majority shareholder of Disney. I’m not sure, and what research I can do for my own take on this on my spare time will set the record straight on that. But, I believe it has already been revealed that the amount of shares Steve has—

Okay, just now found out that all you gotta do actually is type in “Steve Jobs” in Wikipedia to find out for sure what everyone’s talking about: Jobs is majority shareholder of Disney. I didn’t know that it was going to be that easy for me to do that, but there you have it.

Okay, so strategically, this would put Jobs in a great position. And it would reveal more about the decisions that Michael Eisner made while he was head honcho—namely, Eisner’s possible reluctance to allow Steve Jobs to be the one in possession of the most shares of Disney. This is putting Steve dangerously close to a position of almost absolute control of Disney. Perhaps (given Steve’s penchant of letting the creatives go wild and not sticking his hand into the creative process) this is a terrific thing.

As for 2-D, I see a way for Steve to accommodate these projects. Think about how much it cost Plympton to animate part of Kanye West’s video “Heard ‘Em Say”. Probably, pennies on the dollar I would say. Now, take TV animation for example (which, with a little tweaking, could be made to resemble—slightly—feature animation). I heard it cost at a minimum $425,000 per 22 minutes of finished animation. I might be wrong and all of these figures are roundabout. To many people, that’s a lotta money. To Disney? Not so much. Think about how much they spent on Gargoyles? That thing had a feature film budget every finished season! Triplets of Belleville had an $8M budget. ($2M, according to Wikipedia, but most other animation reporting outlets have it at $8M.) So, with a little more fiscal responsibility (bean-counting doesn’t hurt, either) and belt-tightening here and there, I don’t see why Disney can’t continue to push the 2-D drug. There still are kids who are addicted to crudely-drawn shit running across a frame.

Glad to hear everything’s going alright for you with class. Kleinschuster’s paintings are unique! First time I’ve ever heard about this guy! In the sixth frame, the naked dude’s carrying a pair of legs (it seems like). They look like man-legs! They could have been attached to a man! Were they off to—

Putting Xiao Bao in your comics is an excellent idea! Your name in print would up your profile almost immediately. I can’t wait to see a page of it.