Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Comic pain

Well, it officially happened. Keenspace is finally gone for good, which means my comic domain name has changed. What a pain!

I only found out because a friend e-mailed me about the "author missing" problem on the website. I'll try to get it fixed.

So "DayDream" is officially http://manganese.comicgenesis.com

Longer name lol. I will try to buy a domain name to something smaller.
hehe and I'm thinking about publishing in the Free Comic Book Day anthology from them. It would be nice to see my comic finally published. $25 per full page....so it might just be a special introductory comic...or should I dish out the dough for a short story...roughly 4-8 pages?

Well, finally back at college. I'm taking way too much stuff this time lol.
Intro to Biological Anthropology (Monkeys!)
Art History II (Renaissance-Modern I believe)
Art History III Non-Western art (Really excited about this one)
Intermediate drawing (Probably more still lifes :(
Painting II with Stefan Kleinschuster (This should be interesting)

Everything but painting is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Painting is on Saturday. Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday I work.

Gee look at that list. There is going to be a lot of reading this semester.


Professional Bunnia Frightener said...

Dot com domain names are only 8.95 per year. It would only take you ten minutes to purchase it online and a few more minutes to route it to keenspace servers...

Enoch Allen said...

The cheaper the better. One of my most favorite mottos.

That’s an incredible course load. What are these guys trying to do, short circuit your heart? Prepare you for reading the entire 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica and make you memorize it by heart?

Get plenty of rest! Don’t let them work you too hard!

Melon which rhymes with said...

Yeah I might check that out.

Enoch, I am truly a masochist lol.