Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008 kick-start

Yes...that's a guinea pig buffet....

It's been pretty hectic the last couple of days, but I finally sent the portfolio to CalArts. Whoo hoo! The due date was Jan 4th (a paticularly bad time to ship things) but it made it there safe and sound.
All I have left to do is send image discs to Kansas City and USC. CalArts is the only brutal one that wants the real thing XD. I'll post my whole portfolio once the Feb 15th due date passes by. I'm a little unsure if anybody would steal anything from me. Although that would be flattering lol.
For USC, they need me to take the GRE for the MFA program. Nobody ever told me about this lol...kinda was a footnote to the whole process. Important note to anyone getting a Masters: you'll probably have to take this test even though it has math...which my degree only required one class. I'm digging up the old high school math.
Now the all important worry time about getting in. I may not get into CalArts, which is alright with me. I may not like animation...really have not had much practice with this. However, I do love to create comics. It's an unknown for what is in store for 2008.
What I do know is in 2008:
  • I graduate :D
  • I have my BFA thesis show...with cheese and crackers
  • I have an independent study on animation. I have to make 15 sec of hand drawn goodness. The faculty will look at me in bewilderment because we have a computer animation program lol.

Things that should have happen:

  • Getting my comic bookbound...I will get this done Rarrrr!

Everybody have a great 2008!

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E.A. said...

Yay! Finally a post from Melon!

Don't give up on animation. Okay, maybe hand-drawn animation is not essential to learning animation, but computer animation--no matter how brutal or difficult it is--this skillset is so necessary to have. Part of my own living is made modeling, texturing and animating CG characters.

CalArts is a notoriously difficult school to crack into. . .don't throw in the towel on that just yet. I'm glad you're still in the running for the other 2 schools. . .unfamiliar with what the GRE is. . .

Thanks for posting Melon! Some exciting experiences await you in 2008.