Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is an advertisement?

My lovely Squidworks posted the cheap version of "Fight or Flight" on their website. It's $3.00, but if you can wait a bit longer and pay a bit more, there will be a nicer edition.

Nicer edition will include:
Fancy paper
Fancier resolution
And even fancier Japanese book binding (stitched by me lol)
I'll even sign copies to make it feel more special.

How much will it cost? No clue yet. It will depend on the paper and printing cost. Yes folks stitching will be free! It will be done as soon as the semester is over. Finals are evil!

This was a really poor advertisement. Moral of the story...I guess wait for the nice copy. :P

1 comment:

E.A. said...

I'll buy both soon!