Monday, November 13, 2006

Seat is waiting

Right now, I'm currently waiting for my chance to see "Brief Encounters of the Animated Kind" at the Starz Film Festival. It sold I'm waiting if somebody doesn't show up. This year their main focus is Canadian films. What's better than the wonderful NFB!

I struggled through my flu this weekend to participate in the Norman Mclaren: Animation Workshop. He's really quirky and a wonderful animator. All of these techniques are no walk in the park. He really had talent. I got to take clear film and draw animation on them with colored markers. Then, at another table I got to scratch and color on regular film, which was really difficult. Finally, I got to do pixelation or stop-motion with a camera. They used a device called a "lunchbox" connected to a digital camera to take single frames.
I was thinking to myself..."my god! This is the solution to my animation problems. I've been trying to find a single frame camera."

I found out the box cost roughly $7000.....><

I made approximately 3 seconds of film lol. They screened it the next day, but I was too sick :( It was of my Xiao Bao too....can you imagine him on the big screen XD I have pics of the film strip that I will later post. Sadly, I didn't get to keep the film.

Oh yes and I'm also seeing a short later tonight by Chel White. Gosh I hope I get a seat. On one hand...a sold out show for animation is awesome! On the other....I want to see it.

Here's some Mclaren:

The oscar winning and favorite film "Neighbors":


scotscribe said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, sounds like you had a really good time while learning about animation production (which is always good). I hope you feel better soon. I'll try to give you guys a call this weekend!

Enoch Allen said...

I hope you feel better soon, too! Stuff seems to be goin' around, lately. . .

Xiao Bao on the big screen. Next, he'll be stealing scenes from Chuck Norris.

Björn said...

I wish u all the luck in the world!


Melon which rhymes with said...

Wow thanks for all the new people visiting....although I hope they're not spammers.

Chuck Norris should move over....Xiao Bao deserves an Oscar!!!

I'm feeling better...turkey time is almost here!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I ran into yet another guy who learned to speak some japanese in order to be hip. ...he was 'impressing' these two girls with some kids' game about elbows and knees. Lame huh? :) I wonder when the fad will fade...maybe we'll see guys learning Hindi to be hip. hehe