Saturday, November 25, 2006

Comic on sale!!!

I hope Enoch didn't buy too quickly, but my comic is available on the Squidworks website here. It's a lot cheaper and helps out the group a bit. :D

Hurray! My 24 hour comic is available for sale through Mile High Comics! A tad pricey for my meager plunge into insomnia.....

I'm going to post the link up anyway, but I believe later on the Squidworks website will have it with cheaper shipping (Is it okay to say this lol?). $6.00 is a bit too much for my taste. If you're in Colorado, swing by and bug them.

And if you are really low on cash...
I might put up a smaller version up on the internet :D

Here's the link:

I'm just really happy I have a shopping cart for my comic. Novice happiness....^^


Enoch Allen said...

I’m ordering, stat!

Hard work should be rewarded with hard-earned cash.

This is a victory. You already are a couple bucks closer to meeting your goals. Keep up the good work, Melon, and don’t forget your Day Dream endeavor! We’ve been hanging on the suspense for many months now! Is Alazar really gay? Studly or Impotent??? The world must eventually know! Xiao must know, too!

Okay, that last one looks more than a little weird. . .

Enoch Allen said...

Well, looks like I'm gonna have to buy THAT one too!

Melon which rhymes with said...

Oh no don't keep buying lol!!!

I'll give you the ultimate secret.... Alazar is a metro-sexual!!!! Studly, but girlish...he's a big hit in Japan :p