Thursday, May 04, 2006

FCBD 2006

Although this year's Free Comic Book Day is the weekend before finals (the agony!), I will make it out there. Comicgenesis sent me five free copies already. My comic looks a little stretched, but I feel happy it came out alright. The only problem in the table of contents they spelled my user name Magnese o.0 I will post my un-altered comic after finals are over lol. So hopefully I'll get more people reading my comic. If not, it's just a neat idea someone on Saturday will read my comic.

I might enter this juried show at Space Gallery. My chances of getting in is practically zero, but it's nice to try anyway. The best in show gets their own exhibition in 2007.

hehe My sister is currently part of this livejournal group called "rate your piggy." Well Xiao Bao is currently winning the theme Gross looking piggy lol. You can see the pic here:

It's amazing. He's still adorable even when he's eating poop lol.

Final note:
Well the last post I made a huge mistake. I mistakened Goro for Nayochin lol. I was wondering why Mr. Miyazaki looked so young lol.


Enoch Allen said...

Everybody makes mistakes. Some people make mistakes that carry far bigger consequences!

Xiao eats poop? Bad Xiao! Why doesn't he roll it up, spit on it, & throw it at his exercise wheel (or whatever you call those things). It might serve as a lubricant for it!

Finally, good luck with the juried show! Wow, competition looks to be fierce, but I'm sure Bemmie can give you plenty of winning pointers.

Take it easy!

Melon which rhymes with said...

hehe yeah, but silly me was thinking Goro looks pretty young and cute...darn hormones lol.\

Yes, guinea pigs eat poop to gain vitamin B. It's pretty nasty, but if they don't they can get really sick. This leaves me to wonder why he is so picky when he eats his vegetables.
lol he doesn't have an exercise wheel, nothing is big enough for him. I was thinking of getting a huge hamster ball but he hates cramped places.

Thanks Enoch I'll do my best! Pictures and much more will come soon.

jh said...

Free Comic Book Day.

It sounded like fun, but there aren't any shops near me. I tend to go to Waldenbooks when I feel the need to buy comics, which is a rarity these days. I mean, why are 22-page books costing $3 nowadays? At least they're moving beyond the whole "Marvel movie marketing plot" the day seemed to be (at least through my eyes).

Thanks for the love shown at my little blog.