Friday, May 19, 2006

Crunch time

I finally put up the FCBD 2006 pages I did. I feel really bad how much I neglected my webcomic. I'll try my best to update during the summer, but the looming portfolio will keep me busy.

Everybody have a safe summer. I'll update this blog as soon as I get started on the portfolio. I have a major task of cleaning my work area first lol.

Note: I am so getting a Nintendo Wii. It would take me five paychecks to buy a PS3. I'm just glad God of War II is on the PS2.

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Enoch Allen said...

Sounds like you've spent some amount of time prioritizing, Melon. Yeah, polishing up your portfolio (and work space) is an efficient use of time. Until you can make your blog turn over some profits out of thin air or something.

I’m looking for your FCBD work. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere. . .

God of War II is a tough game to get through, and I’m not just talking about the subject matter either! Man, the difficulty is almost on par with Ultimate Ghosts & Goblins! Well, good to hear you’re playing a real game. I’m still laughing over your last entry on gaming Prince of Persia :) . Seriously, some hardcore gamers like to slam the Prince of Persia series. . .

Take it real easy. Um, get some sleep. Make sure Xiao Bao doesn’t eat up your artist supplies & climb inside your computer and ruin your hard drive with his waste products! ‘Cause, if that happened, that would suck. Really bad.