Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Squidworks comic Jam!

Friday I had a really nice and eccentric time with the Squidworks crew. We were guinea pigs to a new idea Stan created "Improv Cartoon Jam." It was really fun and got my creative juices flowing. You can check out the rules and what I contributed. Stan put who did what panel at the bottom of the comic. Be warned some of it is pretty raunchy lol. What do you expect from three guys and a girl?


I also learned how to make mini published comics by using cheap paper. Ingenius idea that I might use to sell my comic later on.

May 6 is Free Comic Book Day where you can get free stuff and support local comic shops. This year is a little special. I will actually be in one of the comics they are giving out. I'm part of the silver sponsor Comic Genesis: Generation booklet. Mind you, I have no idea how my comic will turn out in print. I made this special two page DayDream comic, but I had to smoosh it to make it fit. I will post the unsmooshed version on my website after FCBD.

The Disney Vault TV Funhouse spoof...(I hope you were able to see it)
And yes, half of it is true and half isn't (I'll let your imagination think about it lol)....keep extra close attention to the images in the back. One is from:
Who Framed Roger Rabbit of Jessica's oops
The other is the unknown, but interesting Fantasia censorship.
Also Jeff has a much better description and post about the subject.

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Enoch Allen said...

Terrific news as always, Melon.

I would write more, but I currently have a deadline hanging over my head AND enochallen.com is still not up and is STILL kicking my black ass. . .