Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Interesting stuff to look at during the week...

I love, chef and writer, Anthony Bourdain sarcastic and jaw- dropping travels on the show "No Reservations." He eats anything except he has not tried the greatly smelly and feared durian fruit. My god, I only ate a cookie that had the taste of durian and it was awful. I swear it smells like gasoline lol.

Well, in Monday's episode he visited Peru....and well he ate guinea pig. I'm a little surprised it actually looked like a pet store guinea pig not a wild one. They were so cute...before they were eaten. Yet, I'm still okay with it. It's part of their culture and is a much better life than in some lab getting experimented on. I hope Xiao Bao isn't reading this.
I saw a really awesome "Frontline" on PBS about Tiananmen Square and the famous Man in front of the tank. They will have the program online to watch. It shows the emotion and integrity of the people and the cruel tactics the government used (probably still today).
I was going to write more tidbits, but the Frontline program pretty much blew everything away. Oh well, just a slight mention then:

And a special thank you to my readers! Jeff, I'm very honored to be linked to your blog. I'm not worthy! Enoch, you're a much better writer and you still read my blog lol. I promise the California trip will be up...soon.


RomyNo1 said...

It so does smell like gasoline or natural gas. I bought some cookies to try and my classmates wanted to try it. Well, about five minutes later, a girl in our class came over and asked if there was a gas leak.

We simply said, "It's the cookies."

Enoch Allen said...

Thanks, Melon. Take your time putting up the California article, since from what I read on your page in the past weeks, it seems you’ve had quite an adventure. I do believe the article will be quite long.

Jeff’s a much better writer than the both of us, and his articles on the state of Toonami (and on the state of the USA Network, and on the state of animation in general) put most of mine to shame. (What? You thought I was going to say all?)

Furthermore, I can’t wait to see more of the Bao! You’ve got to make him dance. Or act like he’s going to see a taping of an episode of the Dave Chapelle show. What are his rapping skills like? Are they similar to what I saw on Kim Possible, with Ron Stoppable’s naked mole rat—aaaarggggh, trying to expel that memory!

Have a good one, Melon!

BP said...

Tony B has tried durian in the TV series A Cook's Tour, on his Cambodian trip.

Not all durians taste the same. My favourites include those crossbred with the Thai variety: more flesh, less pit. Then there are smaller fruits with slightly watery flesh and tastes that remind you of strong spirits.

At least he did better than Justine Shapiro, who eventually had to "imagine what [guinea pig] tastes like"...