Saturday, August 27, 2005

Comic Decisions

Oy, it has been a hard week. The previous post already explained some of it lol. I have 16 college credits this year (a full load) which includes painting, life drawing, biology, lab, presentational speaking (bleah!), and freshman art seminar. Plus I finally got a job at Albertsons on Friday and the weekend which is awesome. I really need the money.

I'm just so crammed and tired. I'm afraid that I will have to put my comic on hiatus. I really would hate to do that so I'm thinking of getting rid of color images and just putting up the black and white for now. Plus, I might allow myself to post irregularly, which will be a pain in the butt for my readers. Hopefully, I can figure out what to do soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Oh yeah check out this awesome site:
It is such a great idea. I wish I lived in California to participate.


Enoch Allen said...

As hard as it is to believe, I see online life as nothing but a hobby. An important hobby but a hobby nonetheless. The only time that a hobby becomes anything more significant to you is when it changes your life in unexpected, positive/negative ways.

While I was in college, I frequently submitted articles to a little site called (Some articles are more than three years old, and later I might post some of them to my blog.) These were animation articles, to be sure. In the middle of making my fourth student film, I fell ill--doubtless because of the many day-to-day responsibilities I had to shoulder. I needed to make a choice between being online and school--giving myself one of those ultimatums. So, I had to just completely abandon my work as a Suite 101 commentator and focus on making my films. It hurt like hell for a while, but it was kinda worth it at the end.

Choosing college and hard work over extracurricular activities like making comics and blogging is a splendid example of establishing priorities. Then again, doing what makes you happy and sane should be paramount to anything else. So, if doing comics and blogging gets your rocks off than you will be able to successfully integrate those activities into your routine, one way or another.

Black & white comics aren’t so bad. Besides, someone may find a way to rip them off and sell them on some trading website (I heard Yahoo has one in the works, which is shaping to be a direct competitor to eBay). I would suggest not to worry so much about coloring them. It’s the story that matters!

And as for posting every day, look at me! You’re talking to Emperor Procrastinator (see past postings related to Flutemaster)! (I wish there were a real Emperor called that. I would love to live in his country.)


(Note: The last post contained a misspelled word, so therefore I made a new post w/corrections.)

Melon which rhymes with said...

Thanks Enoch for the great advice. My school work should be my top priority. I'm just worried if I leave the comic un-updated for too long I'll never come back to it.

But I do know one thing Labor Day is coming so I will have time to update then :D...if playing games won't intefere.

I would love to read those Suite articles. You're such a good writer! And yes I love procrastination. You'd think teachers would learn by now that procrastination is a fact of life and is quite fun lol.