Sunday, January 30, 2005

What a week!

Posted a new comic again. I think I finalized that the comic will update every Sunday. Why you may ask? Because of God of course ^^. Just kidding! My schedule just seems to work that way.

Annie Awards tonight! Tomorrow they will post the winners. Darn I wish they showed this award show on tv.

Oscar nominees were also picked this week.

My pick of course for best animation movie is Incredibles.
For short animation I believe 'Ryan" will win because of its subject matter although it would be great if Bill Plymptom's "Guard Dog" wins.

Oh and have you seen Don Hertzfeldt's new hairdo!

His Sundance journal is fun and crazy, but I hope his magic voodoo powers aren't gone because he cut his hair.
I heard great things about his new film, 4 years in the making, "The Meaning of Life". I can't wait to see it at The Animation Show.

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Bemmie said...

Cool comic this week! I love it when people get smacked by balls. . . It's probably why I love the movie _Dodegeball_ so much!