Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I finally updated the comic with two more pages. Also now all of the pages have dropdown menus and pages in the dropdowns. It took a lot of work. -.-

I'll update one more comic for tomorrow since I delayed my updates way too much.
I'm still having trouble with parts of the website. I'll just keep trying!

The Animation Show's Underground is on it's way. I might be the captain for Colorado's promotion team, but we shall see.

There are two showings:

Denver Opening April 8th
Starz FilmCenter
900 Auraria Parkway 303/820-FILM (3456)

Boulder Opening April 21-22nd!
University of Colorado, International Film Series, Muenzinger AuditoriumColorado Blvd.
just west of Folsom Football Stadium303-492-1531

I'll try to help out in Boulder also, but I'm sure someone on campus is already on to it ^^

Also the lineup has just been announced! Hurray!
Check it out at:

Tis all for now!

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