Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stuff on my mind

I've been thinking about boosting my old blog.......yet again. I don't want to just wait until I have new art to post.

I have been mulling over whether to start posting about certain parts in movies I find interesting that others may not notice. I think it is very surprising and fun that a lot of my page views for this blog came from my Howl's Moving Castle analysis entry. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the comment section of that entry.

My next post will be acting and walking in two Miyazaki films, Ponyo and Princess Mononoke. I have to figure out to make gifs or just post multiple screenshots to further my point. This should be an adventure!

In other news...

I made a munny for The Plastic Experience at Next Gallery in Denver. The munny "They are out there." was decorated Woodland Scenics foliage, turf, and gravel. I made the house out of mat board. I wanted create a lonely abandoned house for the head, and crop circles for the body. Are the aliens partying in the little blue house? The world may never know.

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