Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've noticed many of my fellow classmates are posting work up like crazy every week. I feel I need to do the same. Maybe, this will help build up confidence in the coming months.

Above is a Hansel and Gretel sketch for my Visual Development class.

I'm going to scan in soon my Downton Abbey fanart from the gallery show this year. It was really popular, but I'm not sure many would get it unless you're a fan of the show.

Here is a sketch of my puppet I'm building right now for my stop-motion performance class. Right now, she is only wearing pants. It is to difficult to animate a walk with a skirt. I'm tempted to put a skirt on her anyway for her final look. My friend Sara wants to name her Potato Flower or Sweet Potato. Who knows? Introducing Sweet Potato and her ram Yam!

I will also try to put up my process into making an armature. A lot of books want you to twist the wire, but this weakens the wire. I haven't read one book yet that doesn't suggest this.

Here comes a lot of promises and hopefully results. I want this blog to be active again.


Miranda Tacchia said...

yes, you should post more!

Angela Entzminger said...

Cute characters you got there.

Sunmee said...


E.A. said...

Hey Ellen, this is ENOCH. Still a fan.