Monday, November 24, 2008

Some perspective

I felt really bad for not posting any of my work. I have been really busy, and I feel that my work is not the best.

To begin with, here are just a couple of perspective assignments:

This was a one-point perspective assignment at the beginning of the year. The requirements was to have a scene where the character touches an object. I did a Saloon!

This one was fairly recent. The assignment involved stairs and a chase scene. A huge guinea pig chasing me is like a dream come true!

This is the most recent perspective homework. The first one I did in color! The window ellipse still needs to be fixed, but otherwise it was successful.

I will upload my SD card soon with life drawing pictures, my silhouette project, and of course my animation assignments.


E.A. said...

I felt really bad for not posting any of my work.

How do you think I feel about not being able to post my editorial when I really wanted to? Don't feel so bad!

Tim Burton's early work sucked! I'm sure they're online somewhere for all to see. Eventually, he got better and emerged as the artist we now know him to be--but it took him quite a long time.

I believe it's too soon in your career for you to think that your work is "not the best". Of course, it may not meet your standards, but compare your work today with work you posted on this blog in 2006 or 2007. You'll see that there was definitely progress made!


Jenessa said...

yay! I am so happy that you are updating your blog. i regret being such a bad blogger last year because it will be nice to see all four years of your progression online.. and last year i was too scared to post (okay, i still am. but we can get over it!)

I like the guinea pig too! I know your drawings will transfer into a beautiful first year film!

E.A. said...

And by the way, Melon, my editorial is finally up!


E.A. said...

I went to look on youtube and found a 10 minute clip. I would rather watch a marathon of Captain Planet then watch a full episode of this show.

I think, with those Captain Planet cartoons, they gave half-a-damn. So far, it seems the creators of Brave and the Bold haven't done a lot to reassure us that they care as much about their work.

Thanks for reading, Melon!

Marcos Cohen said...

Ellen! I like the mad guine pig LOL! and love the colors you used in the second drawing!