Sunday, September 07, 2008

My Schedule

This is just for future you get to see how much stuff I'm taking!

BP –Basic Perspective Mondays: 9am-noon
IDP –Intro to Digital Perspective Tuesday: 9am-noon
C&D1 –Color & Design 1 Tuesday: 1pm- 4pm
BA –Beginning Animation Tuesday: 7pm-10pm
Doubles- Doubles, in art and culture Wednesday: 10am-1pm
BSD –Beginning Story Development Wednesday: 7pm-10pm
BLD –Beginning Life Drawing Thursday: 9am-4pm
BCGIA –Beginning CGI Animation Thursday: 7pm-10pm
SFA –Story for Animators Friday: 1pm-3pm

Holy crap lol! I start tomorrow ^^ and will battle for a cubicle on Tuesday. Freshman get the leftovers and since our class has 44 people (reguar is 25), space will be limited.


Christina said...

Holy crap, your Wednesday looks long! If you like, I can ship some of your dvd's to you. Let me know what you want!

E.A. said...

Sounds packed, Melon!

I'll be attending Don Hertzfeldt's short retrospective on his works here in Santa Barbara on the 26th, in Isla Vista. Shortly thereafter, you might see me wandering around the CalArts campus!


Ellen Yu said...

Oh no did I miss you! I was staying up in the labs last night doing work. Tell me how the Hertzfeldt went...I'm trying to go to the LA event.

I'm a little peeved he's finally coming to Colorado with Bill Plympton when I'm not there lol.

E.A. said...

It wasn't really anything to write home about! The Hertzfeldt event, I mean. . .