Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hourly Comic Day

I participated in Hourly Comic Day created by the awesome John Campbell. I had to create a comic every hour I was awake. Kind of like a diary. It was a really fun event and less daunting than the 24 hour challenge.

Blogger is giving me trouble with the pictures. You can read them better here:
If you were wondering, what the party was in the comic. I was at the book signing of The 24 Hour Comics People party that I participated in. Whoo hoo! The Squids did great readings of their work. I couldn't read mine due to my sore throat. The book will be available online soon!


E.A. said...

Wow. Now that sounds hard, drawing a comic every hour you're awake.

Those Squidworks guys sure do come up some wack ass challenges, don't they?

Richard Tran said...

Ahaha, I love the dailys! Confucious hates 401ks!