Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NDK pics

I uploaded my pics finally of NDK 2007 at my Flickr account.
So go check it out!

Last weekend was the 24 hour comic challenge. Really brutal this year, but I finished! It's going to be published in our Squidworks anthology soon.

I've been really busy lately so I will upload these pics to a better page later. Otherwise you can check out the pics at our forum.

My profile in the anthology will look something like this:

Ellen Yu grew up in Aurora, Colorado. Her obsession with guinea pigs, Japanese ink drawings, and animation scares many people especially her family. She is currently attending The University of Colorado at Denver for a BFA in Drawing. After she graduates in 2008, she plans to attend an animation school which would lead her to a lifetime of 2-D and experimental hijinks. Her most recent comic "Fight or Flight" uses anthropomorphism of guinea pigs to describe a panic attack through ink washes.

"The Tooth Courier" debunks the myth of tooth fairies. The 24 hour comic is chapter one of this idea focusing on Issac. A boy born without wings, and his struggles in a tooth centered society.

I will hopefully post more in November. Oh yes! I've narrowed down the schools.
1. CalArts
2. USC
3. Kansas City

I'm working on the applications now :p

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E.A. said...

Hey Melon! So happy to see a new post of yours!

My schedule has been pretty brutal as well--not as hardcore as yours must've been. With my sched, though, I suppose I have myself to blame for that.

Congrats, Melon, on the completion of your newest Squidworks comic! I can't wait to purchase it/read it!

Love the term "experimental hijinks". Tooth Courier looks rad and interesting.

Yeah, Itagaki-san did look kinda NOT THERE in that flickr first-page photo. I got addicted to looking at all the flickr pics and had to tear myself away :-[

Great stuff here, great stuff there!