Sunday, September 23, 2007

How it went!

Yay! National Portfolio Day went pretty well. It was extremely crowded lol, but it was mainly crowded for RMCAD (Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design) which is odd because they have tours all the time.

I was a little odd there because most of the attendees were from high school. There was even one gujy in 11th grade checking the place out. Everytime I came up to a table, I told them I would recieve a BFA before going to their school. They were a little estatic when I said that lol.

I got to talk to CalArts and got great advice. They love the guinea pig comic lol. Sadly even though I will have a degree, I would still be at CalArts for the full 4 years, but with some extra room due to credits. No folks...the price wasn't reduced lol.

Then I went to look at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver. Remarkably cheap $10,000 and I will only have to go there for three years. Still have to check out their students work though.

Next, I went to see the Kansas City Art Institute. Wonderful fine arts college, but I didn't know they had animation. They looked at my portfolio, and Iwas approved. I was surprised they approved portfolios here lol. It was quite a shock lol. Their student work wasn't too bad, so it's a possibility.

Rhode Island College of Design was nice too. However, this school is definitely out of the question. I can't get any scholarships because I will have a bachelors, and they were the most expensive school I saw.

I tried to see Minneapolis, but the line was extremely long.

Great day! Kansas City was the biggest surprised. I literally thought my portfolio was crap lol. I'm happy. I feel more confident.

So the next steps....
Keep working on sketchbook to the extreme. Animals especially
Need to make a flipbook
Take digital and regular slides of work...CalArts will be the only one to get the real deal.

On another note....
Enoch, I'm glad the comics came. I hope you enjoy them.
As soon as I get the special edition guinea comic done, I'll send one to you ^^


E.A. said...

Wow. I mean, I had no idea that Rhode Island was so expensive you got sticker shock from it!

Well, sayonara to that one.

Still, think seriously of CalArts. Some of the greatest animators in the world graduated into successful careers from there. At first I thought CalArts would be the first option to get booted from the island--what a surprise to discover RI was first.

Hmmmmm, Kansas City Art Institute. . .gonna have to take a closer look at that one. . .

Hey!!!!! Lemme pay for the sp. edition guinea pig comic! C'mon, Melon :)!

Good day, Xiao.


Melon which rhymes with said...

Okay you can pay for it when it is done :p

Yeah RISD will not give me any scholarships at all not even merit based. Plus I was talking to someone who went there and he said the summers are extemely hot and the winters are bitter cold. Colorado actually doesn't have really cold weather. Never really below zero just a lot of blizzards lol.

CalArts will never get booted....unless I don't get in lol.

Kansas City doesn't look too bad, but they're expensive too.

CalArts is still in the race and winning lol. I still haven't checked any public schools like UCLA or San Jose yet. Either way I'm going to be paying loans for the rest of my life o.o