Saturday, March 24, 2007


Sorry for the abscence lately. Life has been chaotic, and I thought I could get things done during spring break >.>

hehe I swear this blog is becoming a video blog.

I'm in love with Nodame Cantabile right now. The manga, live-action drama, and anime are all fantastic. Someone quickly license these so I can buy it. Hehe this my favorite scene with the Kotatsu. This series makes me love music again. I use to play the flute and stopped because I felt it was a chore. I really relate to Nodame...of course I'm not that wacky lol.


Enoch Allen said...

Wow! What a strange mixture. Manga. . .and live action.

Keep 'er up, Melon!

Melon which rhymes with said...

Nice to hear from you :D

Did you move to Texas?

I hope everything is going well.

Enoch Allen said...

Iactually moved AWAY from it! Will tell you more about my latest adventure soon!