Friday, December 22, 2006

Blizzard and comics???

Denver Blizzard of 2006
Originally uploaded by mag1c3y3.

Every three years (it seems to be) Colorado gets hit by a blizzard that causes several feet of snow. The last couple of times it's been during March or February, but this year it's a Holiday Blizzard.

We got about two feet, but I'm still stuck at home due to lack of huge SUV lol. This one wasn't as bad as 2003, but with the holidays approaching, I'm worried the airport is going to be hellish. Be careful Bemmie!

My Squidworks compadres persuaded me to sign up for a Comic Space account. They just opened a few weeks ago and, it's a very cool site. Much more appealing than myspace. It will soon have the capability to show comics. Depending on how easy and pretty the comic page will be, I might upload my "Breakfast at Tivoli" comics. If it is really awesome, I'll re-upload "DayDream" on there and make that site it's new home.

Happy Holidays everyone and be careful when traveling to any destination ^^


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're too cool for myspace. Here, let me touch you with my finger. [sizzle] Yep, too hot for myspace.

Melon which rhymes with said...

Yeah, myspace never lets me log in, which is a shame since a lot of filmmakers are starting to appear there.

I hope to see you at Christmas. Our dinner is on Christmas day so maybe you can tag along :P

Anonymous said...

Yeah, myspace's log in server is usually overloaded in the evening but it just delays the log in, never keeps me out...must be a user error. :)

Enoch Allen said...

I agree with Nereidblue! ;D