Thursday, July 21, 2005

Back from Florida!

Sorry for my abscence from the comic and the blog. I was avoiding long lines in Disney World in
semi-sunny Florida. It was raining and steaming most of the time I was there.

I'm just plain broke now. Disney World has sucked all of my money lol.

My family tried to see the space shuttle launch, but as you know it got delayed. However, I did get freeze dried ice cream :D

Hopefully things will get back to normal. I will update my comic ASAP. I still having figured out the layer problem. If I still haven't figured it out be July 25, I'm just going to post the unfinished image and replace it when I can.

July 26 is my B-day! Whooo hooo! Another year older, another year crazier!


Enoch Allen said...

Glad you enjoyed Florida! There are many people who make it a priority to avoid going to Disney World, in light of the recent tragedies that happened there. Actually, I heard Disney World is doing pretty good in terms of visitors and revenue--thought they were in for a bit of a freefall there for a moment.

Happy birthday!!! In advance, of course.

Enoch Allen said...

(a repost of a reply posted to allenpov)

Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Been wrangling with this S.O.B. of a program here.

Yeah, these guys are weirdos. And I’m not surprised if they end up depleting the entire hashish industry of product, due to the amount needed to dream up these utterly ridiculous scenarios.