Saturday, June 18, 2005

Avatar Episode: The Blue Spirit

Since this blog always seems to get most of it's hits from my Avatar post, I thought why not start an episode guide. I'm really behind, but I'll start with the most recent episode. Also because it was soo awesome lol.

A very surprising episode! It had a great twist in the end. (I won't try to spoil it.)

However, I'll list the main features and lessons I learned from the episode:

1. Sucking on frozen frogs may heal the characters, but don't try it at home. 0.o
2. Aang must hate arrows after this episode.
3. Momo really doesn't understand how to fetch water. (But he understands how to fetch jewelry ^^)
4. I love the masked acrobat wonder! For many
5. Sokka is very scary when he is sick.
6. Commander Zhao truly has a stick up his butt.
7. Aang and Prince Zuko are going to have a tough decision ahead of them.
8. Finally, Prince Zuko ponders while buff and half naked in his bed lol

As you can tell already my episode guide is really silly. You can read serious reviews here anyway.

I really love this show and I'm pleased to find out the creators of Avatar, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, are part of the judging panel for the Nextoons: The Nicktoon Film Festival. This might be a good indication that Avatar is here to stay!

Check out this great film festival at:


Sarah said...

I wanted to know, how to get to your website that has like 30 or so comments on it, and it's also about avatar. I looked it up, but it wasn't there. So when you read this, please post a comment on how to get there. I'll check back soon, and let you Know when I'm there. Also, I love the face Zhao makes when he sees all the soldiers tied up on the ceiling! And also when the frog jumps over his head near the end!

Kim said...

Hey, I'm wondering that too... I'm sorry for being such a pain, but I love Avatar and this is like the only website that actually had a ton of smart people who think Avatar is really great... :)
By the way, hey Sarah! :)

Sarah said...

Hi Kim! I'm SOOOOOOOOOO glad I found you wrote on this message board. I just finished reading Harry Potter 6, and I won't say the ending in case anyone who reads this is reading that book, but J.K.R cruddied up the whole septology, and the ending stunk like crud. So, anyway, the fact you wrote cheered me up! I'm also taping all the episodes. I still need Kyoshi Islands, and the first 2 shows, The Boy In The Iceburg, and The Avatar Returns. I can't wait till' Friday! I acctually watched the waterbending scroll (the first one I taped) so many times, Our vcr pops whenever I watch it now. Our vcr does that if you stop, rewind, fast-forward, or pause too much. And I paused a ton! To see things in slow motion. Also, I saw the water bucket in The Blue Spirit. Real quick, just because it was funny, I make show bloopers with Avatar charecters, and the last one I made showed Zhao right after he read the letter from ozai ( sorry, I don't feel enough respect to capitalize his name!), and he says... "It seems I'm reproachful, and will never be admiarable." (Instead of promoted to admiral. Dang! I forgot not to capitalize zhao's name an the computer won't let me go back!) And Zuko is shown in the mask thing, making bunny ears behind zhao. Then I went to a different picture, and zhao says... "Hey! Who did... ZUKO!!!" and Zuko says... "Sorry zhao, too good a chance to pass up!" Then Aang comes on, even though it's not his scene, and says... "Hey! can we put that in the show, it was funny!!!" Sorry this comment is really long, but I haven't submitted anything for awhile, and I wanted to. Also, Hi back Kim!:)

Sarah said...

Kim, I found out how to get to that message board again! You go to then Avatar, the last airbender, Manganese. But without the period!:) Then, two things will come up, and click on the one that says... Manganese FPD Down. Or something like that. Scroll down, and click on Avatar. Which should be the first comment board listed. Then, YOU'RE THERE!!!:):):):)

Sarah said...

Sorry, it's FTP down. But now, there are like 50 comments!!!

Sarah said...

Also, it may be in the after print that's smaller under the title thing. I don't know what it's called!!!

Sarah said...

Also, I think Aang will probably try to scrub the arrows off his head and stuff. Sorry Aang, I think it;s permanent! Also, it's DEFINITLY permanent on Appa!

ashley said...

hello, im o the other blog 2. :D

anyways, is that episode your favorite episode. its my favorite episode because it shows that zuko really isnt the bad guy(even though he was problably just trying get aang away from zhoa because then he could capture aang and go home lol so i guess he was just doing it out of competition) but at the end of the episode, i think zuko realizes that the fire nation and the others dont have to fight anymore, or maybe he just thinking "i really need to capture the avatar, im home sick"lol, but i think that hes going to help aang learn to fire bend and then going to.... i dont know, anyways, hello everybody, and im problably going to talk to you guys on the other blog.

ashley said...

i cant get to the other one and i dont know why because my computer wont let me!!!! i want to show peoples my icon!!!