Saturday, May 14, 2005

Narnia and comic ideas

I can't wait until December ^^ Finally, the Chronicles of Narnia will be adapted into a movie. You can see the new trailer when Star Wars comes out.
It's funny. I never realized until high school that Narnia was a book based on Christianity. You would think I would have noticed after the children were called "Son of Adam or daughter of Eve." Plus, the climatic Aslan scene in the book...geez I'm so clueless lol.
Despite all the religion embedded in the text, I still love the books. The cast and props looks great although I thought Lucy would be blonde? All I'm asking is that they sell Susan's bow in the Noble Collections catalogue. Anyway they already sell Harry Potter wands! Oh also the Harry Potter Goblet of Fire trailer premiered. Wow it looks fantastic. I still have no idea how they are going to fit the whole book into a movie.

I finished my Keenswim sketch. All I have left to do is color it and hopefully more people will visit my comic. hmm I've been thinking about what my next comic should be. I know DayDream isn't even half way done, but I think for the next comic I will need sometime to research and set up backgrounds. I might even use real watercolors. So here are some of my ideas:

1. Teenage boy that can manipulate fire from a psychic institute finds out he has a little sister. He runs away and hides to take care of her. He enrolls in a boarding school a meets a girl that could make him feel normal again.

2. Chinese themed comic that I may still need to think through. It involves a a stubborn prince, a girl who runs like the wind, a sweet and clueless warrior, and a paralyzed and barren girl (I feel bad for her). This was originally two seperate stories, but I might combine them together.

3. Smaller comic about a shy teacher and student who falls in love with her. She knows it is wrong, but is age really a factor in love? ( This may be a little too freaky lol)

4. Or finally the comic based on Bless Me Ultima...sort of dealing with spiritual witchcraft and sacrifices.

Darn I have too many ideas!!!
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